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Segue Career Mentors

Segue offers a way for community members to make a positive difference in the lives of local youth, show them a way forward, give back to the community, enjoy a wonderfully satisfying experience, and do it all within a commitment of two hours.

In essence, Segue helps the community show it's youth lights at the end of the tunnel and the paths to get there.

Segue is part of the solution to the school dropout rate in America. For the college bound, Segue helps solve the mystery about career options with real world content from those that have been there. It is the only program of its kind in the country.

Segue is a unique, respectful, and highly cost-effective nonprofit structure that reduces the dropout rate by inspiring and motivating at-risk students onto positive career paths so that they become productive, self-sufficient, and satisfied members of society.

Segue fits within a school's existing structure without requiring ongoing admin by the school. By using Segue's online self-scheduler, Career Mentors (community volunteers from a wide breadth of workplaces and professions) schedule time to speak in regular classes about the realities and possibilities of their own career paths. The career mentors are "boundary spanning," spanning ethnicities, generations, backgrounds, and socioeconomic status.

Students receive the career mentors as living proof that long-term goals are achievable, and that the path to these goals is through additional education and/or training. Of those students planning to drop out of school, 94% report that, due to Segue, they now are now more likely to stay in school and graduate.

Segue provides an often missing link in the education of American youth. The inspired and motivated students now see the relevance of school, and see that it's in their own best interest to take responsibility for their lives, now, to stay in school, and to put more rigor into their schoolwork.

Segue works because the time commitment threshold is low for all participants. Teachers control exactly how frequently they participate, and when, if at all; Career Mentors commit to less than two hours at a time that fits their calendar, during which they reach about 100 students in three classes.